In October, we decided to take a quick trip to Albuquerque for the International Balloon Fiesta because… why not? Our good friend Ray is from Albuquerque so he came with us to show us around and his wonderful parents hosted us all.

We tried for two days at the Balloon Fiesta, but the wind was too high on the second day that none of the balloons were able to inflate in the morning. The sheer number of balloons is incredible and they all go up in such quick waves, it’s hard to even try to see them all.IMG_8695


We also had our favorites. Darth and Yoda were some of the last balloons inflated and the crowd started cheering when they figured what they were. (I’m not so sure about the princess next to them though?)


After the big inflatable Smokey the bear on 4th of July, I was super excited to see this guy here. I was nearly running across the field to get close to it before it took off. One of the amazing things about this Balloon Fiesta is that you get to walk all around the balloons as they are being inflated and sent off!



Another big discovery on this trip was the food! Ray had always talked about the Hatch Valley green chilis but now we got to experience them. Craig had them with every meal, which is very popular in Albuquerque apparently.

Green chili breakfast burritos.

Craig loved the chilis so much that we brought 25lbs of them back with us. Little markets sell chilis by the box and roast them for you. Ray’s parents helped us get all the skin off before the chilis were packed up and loaded on the plane the next day. We’re still finding all the different foods that you can eat with green chilis.IMG_6401




Rental Car

In February we took a quick weekend trip to Missoula, MT. Flying up on Friday night and then leaving on Sunday morning was going to be a quick trip but it was enough to be able to make it for Craig’s Mom’s 60th birthday dinner. When we arrived I’m Seattle after our first leg, we found out that our next flight to Missoula had been canceled because they didn’t have a pilot, somewhat important. Not wanting to lose half of our one day trip, we thought it was a brilliant idea to just rent a car and start driving. In full adventure spirit, we rented an escape and drove through the night even though this California girl was only equipped with a little jacket and my trusty TOMs. ┬áThree mountain passes in a full snow storm later, we made it to Missoula at 7am! It was a fun little adventure and I have since bought snow boots.