So slowly Craig and I became friends.  I’m not sure if it was friends or that I decided that I was one of the guys and he became stuck with me.  We were in the same group of friends through 2008 and early 2009, and I even talked my way into a trip to Montana to Craig’s family’s cabin at Seeley Lake with two of our other friends, but our friendship didn’t really grow until I moved almost exactly half way around the world.  Funny how that happens.

Traffic in Kuwait

In July 2009, I was looking for a change and accepted a job with the USO at Camp Buehring Kuwait.  It was definitely a change.  In the meantime, Craig got sent to a project at the Denver Airport for 15 weeks.  As we were both settling in our new locations, we found ourselves to be a little bored and so began our new found life thanks to Google Chat.  We had lots to chat about too because as I mentioned, I had become one of the guys and “joined” (forced myself on to) the Lemons race team that Craig had started.  Not only did I join, but twice I flew back to San Francisco from Kuwait to be at the races.

Nascar Weinermobile

After months of chatting (I’ve always had a love for Google Chat) and years of friendship, I may have had some more feelings at this point in the story.  While I thought that I was hiding them well, my friends have since informed me that flying almost 36 hours roundtrip to go to races and hang out with Craig was a little obvious.  In any case, the second race was in early March 2010 and by then Craig and I were chatting just as much and I thought I just had a really great ‘friend.’

Me playing on an Osprey

A few weeks after I got back to Kuwait in March, Craig and I were chatting late one night/morning.  (I worked the night shift so I was basically on a California schedule the whole time.  I would talk with Craig after work during his evening and my mornings.)  We’d often talk about whatever was on tv, but this night Craig said he thought I was awesome and so started our relationship!

March Lemons Race

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