Memorable Meeting

What better way to start a family blog than with how we became a family?  So the story must begin with how we met.  I had recently moved back to the Tri-Valley from a 9-month Mission trip to Togo. (As in West Africa, not Tonga which is in the South Pacific.  There is your geography lesson for the day.)  I was looking for a church and went one Sunday to Cornerstone Fellowship, which is great if you just want to sneak in and out because it’s huge.  I was unsuccessful at the sneaking out.

I met a friend that I sang in choir with in elementary school (believe me, the pictures from those performances are amazing.)  Anyways, she invited me to a 20s-30s group at Cornerstone called Sanctuary that evening.  I gathered my nerves and decided to go.  After it was a over there a was a group going up to a great overlook of the valley to see the Perseids Meteor shower, which regularly happens in August. (And there is your Astronomy lesson for the day.)

I quickly found myself trying to stay warm laying half in a road between two people I somewhat knew from high school watching a meteor shower.  (That doesn’t sound random at all.)  Soon a BMW comes rolling down the road and this guy parks and gets out.  Obviously part of the group, he starts boasting about the speed he just clocked and the number of cars he passed coming back from the airport.  Now, I may be stereotyping a bit, but this guy was seeming to fit into every BMW driver stereotype I have. I may have thought to myself that this guy was possibly a little full of himself.  And though he doesn’t remember it, that is when I first met Craig.  I’m glad I got past the first impression!

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