Market Bags

I attempted to claim 2014 as the year of handmade. I made as many gifts as I could for birthdays and special occasions, but once I found a project that worked, I stuck with it. This meant that a lot of friends and family received a lovely market bag for their birthday.  The easy project is very useful as more and more cities and counties have outlawed plastic shopping bags.  I adapted my market bags from this tutorial and adjusted the measurements based on the amount of fabric I had.

Most of the time I could get 2 market bags out of 2 yards of fabric (1 yard of lining fabric and 1 yard of outer fabric.)  Because of the layout of the cuts and the length of the straps, using only a 1/2 yard cut does not work well.  I also made sure to reinforce the bottoms to make them a little more sturdy.

I had fun personalizing them with different fabrics and colors for everyone!


Double- sided strap with top stitch.



Attaching the bottom to the linking sides that have already been sewn together.



Lining bottom complete.



Complete bag!





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