September 2016 – Oktoberfest!

I still remember how this started:

Entrance to paradise

Scene – At work, one day after the first keg is tapped in Munich.

My hand is definitely missing something

Me – “It’d be fun to go to Oktoberfest someday…”

Half bier, half lemonade – Also known as a “Radler” – Cate approved!

John – “You know, we have a 3-day weekend coming up.  I know someone who has gone the last 12 years for this weekend.  Would you like to meet him?”

Bavarian dress in full effect

Me – (Quickly texting Cate about this revelation), “Uh, yeah!  Sure!” (Gets text back from Cate, starts looking at flights and hotels)

The Paulaner tent

…And off we went!  Three years in a row, so far.  What a spectacular time to be in Bavaria!  Fantastic atmosphere to go along with beautiful weather, food, drink, and scenery.  Definitely a must-visit, even for those who don’t prefer the malted hops-flavored brews that dominate the area. Just order a radler. 🙂