July 2016 – Moving to Saudi Arabia

In July of 2016, we were “wheels up“ from our home of California, on our way through Frankfurt, Germany with an expected arrival in Dammam, Saudi Arabia (or KSA, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) roughly 22 hours later. 

Bags ready to go at SFO
Short layover at FRA

8 bags checked (200 lbs), 2 carry-ons (250 lbs), personal items, and the two of us made our way with little incident.  We arrived roughly 10:30pm +03:00 GST, and pulled into our new home about 2 hours later.  I remember the first wave of hot, humid Arabian air that hit us as we walked out of the airport.  Truthfully, I almost turned around.  I’m glad I didn’t!

Our landlord. Seriously, he came with the house.