Baby Bunting


I made this bunting for my friend’s shower for her twin girls!  It takes some time but overall very easy to make.  She helped pick the coordinating fabrics to match some colors in the room.  Each patterned square is backed with a simple muslim.  Then I cut a white fabric as background to the letters and just sewed the top with a 1/4″ seam.  The letters are a felt to give it some texture.  I fused the letters onto the white fabric and then used an embroidery floss for the hand stitching.  The hand stitching probably took the most time but I like the look so it is worth it!





Patterned Fabric and backing- 1/4″ seams included; Fold top over 1″ and sew on the 1/4″ to create a hole for the ribbon or string to go through.

White Fabric- ; Fold a 1/4″ on top to attach.

Letters- I printed on card stock and the cut out the letters with an exacto knife to create a stencil for the letters.

Ribbon- I used 5/8″ ribbon but you can scale it for the size of your squares.

Burp Clothes


My best friend is having twin girls so I decided to make some burp clothes for the shower.  I have been told that the clothe diapers are the best for burp clothes because of their absorbency. Just buy a package of cloth diapers (I got Gerber ones from Target) and 1 yd of flannel fabric.  You can make about two clothes from 1/2 yd of fabric.  Make sure to pre-wash the flannel fabric first!  Pin the diaper to the fabric (right side facing the diaper) and then cut along the edge.

I then sewed along the edge with a 1/4″ seam leaving a hole to be able to turn it right sound out. After right side out, top stitch all around the edge with the 1/4″ seam and then follow the guides on the cloth diaper and sew along the two lines down the center. You have a easy personalized gift for a shower!

Owl Buddies

Owl Pack

Just before starting my year of handmade gifts, I made some gifts for Christmas.  These owls are a great gift for adults or kids.  They only take about 30sec in the microwave and you have a wonderful heat pack to relax away a knot or for a kid to cuddle with.  I found directions for the owls here.  It was fun finding different colors to mix and match for the owls.   I made sure to use only cotton fabric and cotton thread so it wouldn’t have any issues in the microwave.  Also, I decided to make an inner bag to hold the rice by using the same pattern and then slipping it into the outer fabric so no rice would escape.Owls