The “Backlog”


We’ll use the website all the time (we said)! We’ll update it with all the fun things we see (we said)!


That was 2013 (I think). Here we are in 2019, many trips under our belt, living on the other side of a world with opportunities to travel seemingly turning into a second profession (no compliants, however). I’ve promised myself to make a concerted effort to keep this little website updated not only as a, “This is what we’re up to” type blog, but also as a running history so I don’t forget in my ever increasing circumventing the Sun progressive counter.

So, I promise to:

  • Update the website
  • Put nice shiny pictures on our Instagram feed @theaznoes
  • Be nice to Larry

(That last part is what Cate tells me all the time. I’m just reminding myself.)